Level of Detail Calculations

How to Compare This Year to the Average of the Previous 3 Years in Tableau

Here's an interesting challenges; how do you compare this year's values to the average of the previous 3 years in Tableau? The complex solution requires the use of the FIXED level of detail function. Watch the above video to follow along and learn how to perform this calculation.

Create a Percent of Total in Tableau That Isn't Affected by Filters

As you likely know from using Table Calculations in Tableau, they only compute against the marks displayed in a worksheet. Check out this webinar in you need a refresher.

That means when a filter is applied to the worksheet, a table calculation will update to reflect only the data present in the worksheet.

Computing Header Totals in Tableau

I recently got an email from a former student explaining that they were trying to recreate something similar to the image below in Tableau.

The trouble she was running into was recreating the total header called “Planned Cost by Perf”. If you try to use a measure as a discrete header, you end up with the value summed for each partition. Here is an example using Superstore data: