Tableau General Knowledge

10 Steps to Ensure Dashboarding Success (1-5)

When you embark on a Tableau dashboarding project, you are creating a new product. When Apple releases the newest iPhone, they aren’t putting out a rough draft. They’ve done extensive user and product testing to make sure its the best product possible. You can (and should) use the same design sprint methodology on your own projects to ensure success.

Three Practical Ways to Use Tableau Dashboard Extensions

I’ll be honest, when Tableau Dashboard Extensions first released with version 2018.2 earlier in the summer, I took a quick glance and moved on.  I didn’t have time to dig into it. I kept hearing they “allow you to do the impossible” with dashboards and didn’t understand what they actually did. Fast-forward and I’ve had some time to dig. Here are a few practical things Tableau Dashboard Extensions can do.