Three Practical Ways to Use Tableau Dashboard Extensions

When Tableau Dashboard Extensions first released with version 2018.2 earlier in the summer, I took a quick glance and moved on.  I didn’t have time to dig into it. I kept hearing they “allow you to do the impossible” with dashboards and didn’t understand what they actually did. Fast-forward and I’ve had some time to dig. Here are a few practical uses of Tableau Dashboard Extensions.


Image Filters

Want to spice up your dashboards and make them more user friendly? Set up image filters to get your users away from using the same old drop-down filters.


Export All

Do you have that one colleague who always wants to see data in a spreadsheet format? Check out the export all feature to learn how you can export multiple Tableau worksheets into an Excel workbook at once.


Dynamic Date Parameters

Since I started using Tableau five years ago, this is the product change request I have heard people clamor for the most. If you create a date parameter and want it to continually update to today’s date (or some other specific date) the solution is finally here!


Dig into the Extension Gallery to learn more about these powerful new additions.

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