How do you create a cross join in Tableau Prep?

When embarking on a data communication project, you might not always have all the data you need to create a prototype in a timely manner. I often generate realistic, placeholder data sources so I can design a dashboard and get feedback, even if the actual data isn’t ready for display yet.

Take this Stadium Seating Dashboard for instance:


It is a prototype designed after a dashboard which a friend at a Major League Baseball team showed me. I spent hours generating the data for this dashboard. On top of the custom shapes for the sections (we won’t get into that here), I needed to generate seating data for each section for each possible game. In order to do that, I needed a cross (cartesian) join.

So what is a “cross join”?

It is a join that matches every row of data from one table to every row of data from another table. These rows do not need to have a shared dimension to match.

For the above “Stadium Seating” example, let’s imagine there were only 10 games and 24 sections in the stadium. We would eventually need a table with 240 rows (a unique row per game and section) to be able to generate ticket sales data.

Imagine we have a “Game” table that looks like this:


And a “Section” table that looks like this:


To create a cross join, we load both tables into Tableau Prep and join where Year (from the Game table) does not equal (!=) Section ID (from the Section table).


The result is that these tables of 10 and 24 rows were then turned into 240 rows:



From there, I spent additional time generating columns of data for attendance and sales figures, but that is another post for another time.

Two quick notes:

●        You can accomplish a cross join in Tableau Desktop too.

●        When you are selecting which fields to perform a cross join on, make sure they don’t share any values. Because the Year field was 2018 and the Section ID field was 1-24, there were no instances where the values were equal. If there had been (i.e. there was a section 2018), that row would not be included in the cross join.


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