How to Space Worksheets Evenly in a Tableau Dashboard

Designing dashboards in Tableau can be tricky. One problem my students run into is how to space worksheets evenly. It is time consuming to drag the edges of worksheets, making minor tweaks, until they are all the exact same pixel width.

Take the following dashboard as an example:


As you can see there are three worksheets that are running across the top that are all the same width...almost.

Even after some tinkering, the pixel widths are slightly different. The width of the first worksheet is 373.


The second worksheet is 378.


The third is 374.


The fix to this issue is to put all of the worksheets in a horizontal layout container. One of the properties of layout containers is that they space all worksheets evenly unless you specify otherwise.


Adding a Layout Container

To do this you can grab a “Horizontal” layout container form the objects list and drop it next to the three worksheets.


Next, drop each of the worksheets in the layout container side-by-side (hint, you can tell that you are dropping a worksheet in a layout container when the dark blue border shows up around the gray drop-shadow).


From there, you can check under the “Layout” section of the Dashboard menu and notice that Tableau spaced each worksheet evenly (in this case 375 pixels wide).


This is particularly useful when you have many worksheets (4-5+) that you need to space evenly. It works with horizontal and vertical layout containers.


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