OneNumber - For Bartenders???

Why do some bartenders get bigger tips than others?  This was one of the first problems OneNumber sought to solve.

We interviewed bartenders, bar owners, managers and patrons.  We asked them “what are the 3-5 things a bartender does that earns them greater tips?”  We got over forty different answers from tattoos to revealing clothing.

We ran the responses through our algorithms and settled on just four things that a bartender can do *right now* to improve their tips.  What do you think they are?




In order:

Eye contact over 2 seconds.

Remembers first name and uses it at least once.

Dramatic and obvious over pours.  

And the most surprising one:


Sarcasm is interesting because is creates a tribal bond.  Bartenders and patrons create their own language through biting humor.  

Next time you go into a bar, check to see if you see the same results.

Bartenders embracing these four things make the following happen:

  • Increase in revenue for the bar.  More tips equals more money for the bar owner.
  • Decrease in marketing costs.  Bartenders that do these create a following.  A following does not need to be marketed to.  They will be back. Owners decrease their marketing costs to zero with regulars.
  • Slight increase in product cost (over pours).  This is more than offset by the increase in revenue and decrease in marketing costs.

OneNumber created a single number that is directly predictive of the success of bartenders.  That number is synthesized from things that can be done right now.

You may not own a bar or be a bartender.  OneNumber is applicable to anything that can:

Be measured.

Be improved through direct actions.

Increase revenues.

Decrease costs.

We have done other OneNumbers for:

Office Equipment sales

Project management

Medical equipment

Fleets of vehicles

Software projects


Personal values-based decisions

Client Engagements

Sales Funnel predictions

Retirement communities

And many others

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