How to Expand and Contract Worksheets in Tableau

Imagine you’ve run into a scenario where you want to be able to show a little more information on your dashboard but it makes it feel too cluttered. However, it’s not nearly enough extra information that it warrants creating an entirely separate dashboard. This is a great opportunity to use a little known feature in Tableau that allows you to expand and contract worksheets in a dashboard.

URL Actions: Use Tableau Like a True App

URL actions open up a new world of possibilities in Tableau dashboards. You can link to a URL field, look up a data point of interest, or even create an action that creates an email form. URL actions have been used to successfully linked sales opportunities to Salesforce, link furniture companies to their products on the web and generate emails to further discussion about data points of interest.

What we can learn about data collection from the Houston Astros

I recently finished a book called, Astroball written by Ben Reiter. It tells the unlikely story of how the Astros went from the worst team in baseball to winning a World Series a few seasons later. As much as I wish I could say I didn’t like the book (I’m a Mariners fan after all) it was a compelling read and gave me great insight into their organization and methodology.