Tableau How-Tos

Create a Percent of Total in Tableau That Isn't Affected by Filters

As you likely know from using Table Calculations in Tableau, they only compute against the marks displayed in a worksheet. Check out this webinar in you need a refresher.

That means when a filter is applied to the worksheet, a table calculation will update to reflect only the data present in the worksheet.

How to Create a Trimester Field in Tableau

I have worked with a number of educational institutions, What I’ve found about those institutions, and many other organizations, is that many of them customize the way they track data over time. With a school it might be by trimester, with a restaurant chain it might be by period (there are 13 per year). These types of date fields require customized calculations.

How do you calculate headcount with only a start date and end date in Tableau?

“How do you calculate a headcount at a moment in time when you only have a start and end date?” I’ve gotten this question several times. My answer used to be “Ideally, you’d want a row of data for an individual for every possible date unit you’d want to count them at.”

Creating a Dynamic Date Field in Tableau

I want to teach you a method I’ve used with various clients when they needed a flexible date field as part of their Tableau dashboard. In one example, I was working with a company that was using Tableau to create client-facing reports. Problem is, they had different granularities of data for different clients. For some clients they collected data daily, others monthly, and some yearly. What they needed was the ability to create a flexible dropdown that allowed them to change the level of date granularity in the view.

Tableau - “Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate comparisons or results in ‘IF’ expressions.”

If you’ve ever received the error “Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate comparisons or results in ‘IF’ expressions in Tableau I feel your pain. I spent my first several months in Tableau not understanding what that error meant and running into impassable roadblocks aggregating data in Tableau as a result.