Why do so many “Business Intelligence” projects fail?

Imagine trying to drive a Maserati at 180 miles per hour in traffic while keeping your entire focus on the rear view mirror. Impossible, right? Most data-driven reports are like this; aesthetically pleasing and historically-focused.

They are expensive and beautiful for a little while but almost always result in accidents.

How does OneNumber focus you on the windshield instead of the rear-view mirror? We study those historical results to inform what actions can improve future behavior.


Most BI projects stop at describing something, usually with very noisy and complex dashboards.  Decision makers look at these dashboards and ask themselves “so what?”

OneNumber changes everything by presenting only signal.  What do I need to DO, right now?  Then we answer “so what” by diagnosing problems, instantly.


If your OneNumber is below a benchmark you probably want to know why. OneNumber drills into the reasons. Those reasons are always things you can directly control.


What will happen if you change these things? OneNumber’s predictive component tells you exactly how changing actions will affect outcomes.


What are the 3-5 actions you can take right now to drive the behavior you want? OneNumber gives you actionable takeaways you can apply to increase revenues and decrease costs today.